2015 Squad Selection

Football Film Festival is looking to complete its Festival Squad for 2015.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals with a passion for football, film and customer service! This is your chance to shine, making the festival all that it can be! You will have the chance to watch the films during the festival for FREE, take away a cool Festival T-Shirt, make new friends and forever know you helped bring the 1st Football Film Festival to your city!

So what are you waiting for, apply to join the team today!


Volunteer Dates

Squad members will help run the festival, assisting with promotions pre-festival, event management during the festival, and data entry post-festival. You do not need to be available for the whole festival, however those with greater availability will be given higher priority in the selection process. Please indicate on your application form which days you are available, how many shifts you would like.


Squad Role

What tasks will you be doing on your shift? We have many fun and interesting positions to fill, select all that take your interest!

  • Head Coach: Deliver daily inspirational speeches and Volunteer Management
  • Cheerleaders: Those with a skill for Marketing & Promotions
  • Press Pass: Have a knack for Photography / Videography?
  • Club Secretary: Providing information at the Football Film Festival Information Desk
  • Lines-man: Assisting people to their seats, ticket collection, running microphones, Ushering duties
  • Utility Player: When we say "Jump" you say "How high?" General Volunteer


Transfer Agreement

There are many benefits to volunteering at the festival, we have listed just some of them below. 

  • See behind the scenes of how a festival is run!
  • The chance to embrace and share your passion for Football and Film!
  • 1 x Football Film Festival Ticket for every shift you volunteer!
  • 1 x FREE Football Film Festival T-Shirt to keep!
  • Official Football Film Festival Volunteer Certificate
  • Make new friends with the Football Film Festival Squad


Transfer Deadline

Make sure to submit your application before the window closes! Dates are outlined below. 

  • Parramatta: October 5th, 2015, 6pm AEST
  • Sydney: October 20th, 2015, 6pm AEST
  • Brisbane: October 28th, 2015, 6pm AEST
  • Melbourne: November 3rd, 2015, 6pm AEST


Application Form

To join the squad, please fill in the application form below, and we will be in touch shortly!

Name *
Postal Address *
Postal Address
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Volunteers are required to be 18 years of age or older
Desired Squad Position *
Please select the positions you wish to apply for.
Desired Shifts *
Please outline all the dates you are available to volunteer in your city. If you live in Sydney, you are welcome to volunteer at both Parramatta & Leichhardt!
Please outline the total number of shifts you wish to volunteer. For example, you may be available for all dates, but only want to volunteer for 2 shifts etc.
Pre and Post Festival *
We not only require a great squad during the festival, but also need enthusiastic volunteers to help out pre-festival (material distribution, online marketing, mail-outs etc) and post-festival (data analysis). Please indicate the periods in which you wish to volunteer