Football Shorts FC (Film Competition)

The inaugural Football Shorts FC (that's Film Competition!) will showcase stories, explorations and journeys in football, all told in 20 minutes or less. A distinguished jury will reside over the 8 finalists, which were selected from a wide pool of entries from around the world. 4 finalists from Australia are complemented by International entries from Brazil, Argentina, China and Palestine. All go in the running to win a plethora of prizes, including the most important of all, the title of Best Short Film, Football Film Festival 2015.

Make sure to look out for the shorts which screen before feature films throughout the festival! Thanks to our festival partner Mwave for our terrific prize packs!

Australian Finalists


Sydney Premiere | Dir D. Edwards, 2015, Australia, 15min, No Age restriction, English | Cast Isaac Natoli, Kate Skinner | Category Drama

Short - The Trophy Thief - Still 01small.jpg

Ben is a young soccer player who believes that winning his team’s MVP trophy will solve his family problems. When he misses out on the award, he takes matters into his own hands. The Trophy Thief is a short film set in the world of Saturday morning sport, where a young boy slowly comes to terms with the injustices of life. Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival 2015


Dir Matt Devine, 2011, Thailand / Australia, 5min, No Age restriction, Thai w/English Subtitles | Category Commercial, True Story

Short - Panyee FC - Still 01small.jpg

In 1986 a football team MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. This team is like no other, with its players living on the floating island in the south of Thailand called "Koh Panyee". Determined to play the game they love, the children of the community set out to make a pitch of their own. They challenged the norm and have become a great inspiration for new generations on the island. Part of a TMB bank promotional campaign, Panyee FC will soon be made into a feature film!


Australian Premiere | Dir Jeremy Santolin, 2014, Australia, 13min, No Age restriction, English | Cast Matt Smith | Category Documentary

Short - Mr Smith - Still 02small.jpg

Matt Smith's hopes of becoming a professional footballer were crushed when his English club released him as a teenager. Ten years later, on the other side of the world, Smith gets another chance to realise his dream. Follow his endeavors to earn a contract in the newly formed Hyundai A-League, and start a new life in Australia. 


Dir Jacob Scott, 2014, Australia, 3min, No Age restriction, English | Category Skills

Short - Juggle - Still 01small.jpg

One continuous freestyle routine...with a difference. Come along for an interesting journey to some awesome places. FootballSkillsOz is just one of the thousands of skills accounts making waves across YouTube, as amateur, semi-pro and professional players show off their talents to the world. Witness his latest video and be transported through football. Thanks to FootballSkillsOz

International Finalists


Australian Premiere | Dir Tim Brunsden, 2014, UK, 15min, No Age restriction, Mandarin, English w/English Subtitles | Category Documentary

There are over 100 million Manchester United fans in China (and 130 million Arsenal fans!). Whilst these statistics tell of the Premiere League's global popularity they also show an emergent new fandom distinct from traditional geographic loyalties. This short, presented by the National Football Museum and Arts Council England, looks at the developing Football fandom in China. Courtesy of the National Football Museum, Manchester, and Arts Council England.  


Dir Khen Shalem, 2011, UK / Israel, 17min, No Age restriction, Arabic, Hebrew w/English Subtitles | Category Drama, Human Interest

How is the on-going conflict in the Middle East affecting the children growing up there? The Other Side points us towards hope and a need for peace as we see the toll the conflict is taking on the youth, and how football can bring people together. Special Jury Award, Asiana Film Festival 2012


Australian Premiere | Dir Luciano Perez Fernandez, 2015, Brazil, 14min, No Age restriction, Portuguese w/English Subtitles | Category Documentary

The dreams and the uncertainties of two players from the 3rd division of Rio de Janeiro´s State Championship Series, the football players who “work their fingers to the bone” from Rio´s football scene. Players who don´t get paid, others who pay to play; broken promises. These are some of the difficulties and obstacles that are part of the tough reality of athletes from the base of the Brazilian football pyramid. Best Short Film, Cinefoot Football Film Festival 2015


Dir Lucas Figueroa, 2008, Spain / Argentina, 12min, No Age restriction, Italian w/English Subtitles | Cast Fabio Cannavaro | Category Comedy, Horror

Naples, Italy. 1950. Four friends are playing soccer out on the street when their ball is accidentally kicked into the evil old lady´s yard. They´ll never play with their ball again…and for that the revenge will be deadly! Because There Are Things You Never Forget currently holds the Guinness World Record Holder, Most Awarded Film in the world!

Football Shorts FC Jury

Football Film Festival have put together a distinguished jury from around Australia that represent the film and football community. Football Shorts FC 2015 Awards Night will take place on October 25th at Palace Norton St, Leichhardt prior to the closing film of the festival. Make sure to come along to find out which win takes out the top prize!

Please meet our 2015 Jury!

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Editor of Film Ink
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Awards and Prizes

The winning finalists were presented at the inaugural Football Shorts FC Awards Night on October 25th in Sydney. Jury president Dov Kornits and Chase Lee, representing the awards sponsor MWave, announced the winners and presented the prizes to filmmakers in attendance. Congratulations to all of our finalists and prize winners, we look forward to even more creative entries for next year!

Best International Short Film & Best Short Film - Soccer Player Working Class

Best Australian Short Film - Panyee FC

Individual Brilliance Award - Isaac Natoli, The Trophy Thief

Best Football Shot - Mr Smith

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