Forward, with purpose

We're away! We've shared some words, pictures and video on this website and the obvious social media channels. We've announced our first feature (A beauty, Zoran and his African Tigers). Be free, Football Film Festival. 

For the last few months we've been constructing the foundations for a Football Film Festival with the purpose of building a platform that will last well beyond our first outing in 2015. And to be consistent, we broke down our purpose into three easy parts:

  1. Football. Explore football within and beyond the 90 minutes on the field. 
  2. Film. Showcase football stories and beautiful football films. 
  3. Festival. Deliver an inspirational and engaging community football festival. 

That's it. Football, Film and Festival. Simple, succinct and our name of choice. 

Get involved on Facebook or Twitter, and use the hashtag #FootballFilmFest to recommend great football films.