Alongside many footballers in NSW, we're powering through in a relentless pre-season schedule, counting down the days 'til our big kick-off. 

When we first met a number of months ago to discuss a concept of a football film festival, we kept coming back to the question of why? Why do we want to have a football film festival? It always came back to the stories. Telling stories. 

How players and teams and fans can engage and divide and conquer. How the line between politics and football can blur so regularly it becomes one and the same. How it's simple and complicated all at the same time. How it's more important than life or death, but yet it's just a game. How if the camera operator turned the camera away from the on-field action and into the stands, there'd be 50,000 football people each with a thousand football stories to share. 

No doubt if you've arrived here, you have a telling football story. Why not tell us about it? We exist to provide a platform for telling stories of our beautiful game through film. And we love to share.