International Football Film Festival Network

Festivals | A classy network of organisations telling all sorts of football stories. 

11mm | Berlin

Offside | Barcelona

Football Film Fest | Australia

Sara Bennett

Total Football Fest | Amsterdam

Jeremy Alexander

11mm | Brussels

Janet Muller

YFFF | Yokohama

Jose Muller

AFFF | Lagos

Margaret James

La Lucerne | Paris

Donna Nowak

Fluchtlit | Berne

Emily Cho

Cinefoot | Rio de Janeiro

Janet Jones

Calcio Solidale | Roma

Mary Phillips

Kicking and Screening | NYC

Thinking Football Fest | Bilbao

Cinefoot | Argentina


Offside Festival | Greece

Football Film Fest | Myanmar

Shoot! | Copenhagen


Filmmakers and Distributors | These creators and enablers are more than happy, within reason, to share their passion projects

Filmmaker 1 | London

Filmmaker 2 | Paris

Filmmaker 3 | Sydney

Filmmaker 4 | New York

Friends | The people and groups who support football storytelling