Australian Premiere | Dir Sam Benstead, 2014, UK, 76min, U15+, Serbian, Arabic, English, w/English Subtitles | Cast Zoran Djordjevic, Thomas Jacob, Hassan Ismail Konyi | Keywords Documentary, Comedy, Coaching, Human Interest | Courtesy of CAT & Docs

PARRAMATTA | Friday 9 October | 7pm Reception 7.30pm Film (inc. Opening Ceremony) | Riverside Theatres | Session finished

Coach Zoran is a darkly comic and original portrait of the birth of a nation, a film befitting to open the 1st Football Film Festival!

Out of the ashes of Africa’s longest ever civil war, South Sudan finally achieved independence in July 2011. With violence and countless victims still fresh in the memories of its people, the world’s newest nation seeks to bring new hope, forming its first ever national team. Enter maverick Serbian Zoran Djordjevic!

Zoran, ex-Bangladesh national team coach, has a dictatorial method and aggressive attitude that soon leads to conflict with the football federation and several politicians. As South Sudan slides back into economic ruin and a malaria outbreak looms, Zoran is driven to despair and seeks solace in his one true friend, the team’s mascot, a sheep he nicknames, “Champion”.

Follow the team’s formation and first international matches in what is a unique story of nation-building that is both tragic and hilarious!

Join us from 7pm for our Opening Reception followed by Opening Ceremony of the 1st Football Film Festival!