Our partner, CINEfoot


Football is more than a game. We practice football art.

Football Film Festival and CINEfoot join together in 2017 to deliver a vibrant football festival in Australia through the unique lens of Brazilian football. 

CINEfoot is Latin America's premier football film festival. For 7 years fans have the opportunity to enjoy a program composed by productions from various parts of the world. 

Antonio Leal, Director of CINEfoot, has an immeasurable passion for football film and driving the international community of football film. 

This networked activity amplifies the importance of CINEfoot which, once again, broke the record of registrations reaching 165 films sent to the selection in 2016.

Follow CINEfoot in its mission to build a qualified and irreverent space to promote football culture and cinephile, in a unique film festival in the country.

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