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Step beyond the white line with us as we showcase stories of joy, grief, passion and emotion from the world’s game, launched in 2015.

Football tragics wake in the early hours to ride the roller-coaster of emotion with their favourite European team. Devoted parents navigate journeys to the park on Saturday mornings committed to a generation of children who aspire to emulate Cahill, Simon, Luongo, their heroes emblazoned across their back. After a long week of work, entire communities come together to sizzle sausages, talk team tactics and officiate. Football captivates everyone. 

In 2015 the global language of cinema provides a platform for the global game of football to share football stories, showcase world cinema and connect our football community. Berlin-based 11mm, the world's longest running football film festival, provide strategic support and a fantastic platform for an Australia-owned festival to take off. 

Football Film Festival brings these two worlds together, delivering entertaining and thought-provoking stories from the football world. Football Film Festival serves fans right across the football spectrum, with heart-lifting, gut-wrenching and side-splitting features, shorts and documentaries for young and old. 

Hot on the heels of the success of the Socceroos in the AFC Asian Cup and the Western Sydney Wanderers in the AFC Champions League, Australia is abuzz with all things football. With the tremendous growth of the A-League, development of the W-League, astonishing levels of grassroots registrations, and the launch of the inaugural FFA Cup, Australia itself has been the inspiration for many football narratives in recent months. It has never been more appropriate for the football community to unite and share in their passion. 

The inaugural edition of Football Film Festival took place in October 2015 and we are grateful you were part of it. We delivered a stadium like atmosphere, enthralling discussion forums with football greats past and present, educational programs, cultural experiences for young and old, and best of all, some of the most incredible football films from around the world!

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