Thanks for joining us in Melbourne for a Seleção Brasileira of football films, in partnership with CINEfoot!

Since football began, it has provided a lens for us to see the world: war and peace, heroes and villains. Migration, economics and politics. Nations built and nations divided. The football story of a nation can tell us so much about a nation’s history, society and culture. Collectively these stories tell us about our nations, our world.

With Seleção descending on Melbourne in June to play arch-rivals Argentina, we decided to look beyond the shiny swoosh and daily outrage to tell the story of Brazil through football film with our friends from CINEfoot.

Over 3 sessions we’ll explore the influence of colonialism and migration, design, oppression and freedom, media, technology and globalization. We’ll invite some of Australia’s finest speakers to add an Australian twist.  

We hope you can join us, check the schedule and secure your tickets!

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